2016 CUSTOM GUN #4




Glock 19 Pistol

  • Glockstore Custom Slide for G19 – Polished
  • Neo-Chrome PVD finish on the slide
  • Match Grade Performance Barrel
  • Ultimate Pyramid Trigger System (SL/SL) – Polished
  • 4 Piece Chrome Kit for 3 Pin Glocks
  • Gen4 Ext. Magazine Release (9mm/.357/.40) – Polished
  • GEN4 Tungsten Guide Rod – Custom Laser Engraved Guide Rod Cap
  • Trijicon NS 3Dot Set (GR/GR) – Polished
  • 9/40/.357 Aluminum Mag Base Plate – Polished
  • Teal/Purple Chameleon Hydrographic refinish on the frame – GLOSSY clear coat
  • Frame Modification: Panel Smoothing


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